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Starts again April 2022 

4-7 year olds



The Minis group for ages 4-7 is the beginning of the adventure: imaginative, confidence boosting sessions incorporating singing, drama and dance with the emphasis on fun.  Nurturing young minds, building teamwork and social skills.  The small class sizes ensure every child gets the attention they deserve and a chance to shine.

Spots & Stripes

7-16 year olds



Ages 8-16s join the Spots and Stripes groups and sing, act and dance working in separate age related groups and all together alongside the Elites for our unique putting it together/performance hour.  Combining the age groups for some of the sessions really helps children bond and become a team.  The benefits of which can be seen when they are on stage as a Company performing in their shows.


16 years +


10:00am – 1:00pm

The Elite group for ages 16+ offers opportunities for individuals who already have a love of the performing arts to further develop their talents through more challenging sessions.

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